Twelve Step Recovery Workshop

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Step 10 Fact Sheets

Step 10 reads: Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

The Twelve Step Recovery Workshop encourages people who have completed their 4th step to do a daily inventory according to the 10th Step guidelines in the book Alcoholics Anonymous. As we adopt this discipline, we have found it useful to partner up with a fellow "Twelve-Stepper" to share on a regular basis what we have uncovered.

We offer two fact sheets to guide those at the 10th Step level:

  • The fact sheet 10th Step Guidelines includes questions drawn from pages 84 to 86 of Alcoholics Anonymous, and a suggested prayer to begin. It is a useful reference as one writes a daily 10th Step.
  • The fact sheet 10th Step Partners explains the concept of partnering with a 10th Step "buddy." It offers suggestions to enhance the effectiveness of 10th Step partnerships, as well as some questions to think about when working with a partner.